2016 brought about a lot of changes; for the world, for myself.

2017 has arrived and I have promised to do more of two things that make me very happy: reading and writing. On my traffic filled commute this morning I realized that I could get in some more writing as a result of my reading if I made a habit of putting together some blog posts or book reviews for the books I’m consuming instead of just occasionally putting in a review on goodreads. Let’s be honest, there are two things I have a lot of: books and opinions. It seems silly to keep them just to myself.

So here it is. What will (hopefully) be the start of the arbitrary and ongoing rambles of a self professed bibliophile with a penchant of starting a thousand things and only seeing half of them through. (PHEW! There we go. All my big and fancy words in one sentence). Here’s hoping this is one of the things that sticks!